No Job in Your Field of Study…Create it Yourself

I know how difficult it is to accept that the degree you worked for, went into the debt for, isn’t a quick return of investment. Some of you have put in the work, though. The job came right out of college. That’s a great feeling, and those left out of that promise we’ve shown for years are sort of happy for you.

The reality is that not all of us acquire the job we want. Or sometimes, we don’t acquire a job at all. The hard truth is some professionals see a liberal arts degree as useless. They don’t say the word useless. They’ll phrase it as “not practical.” In some way, the professionals and employers are right. Some of the liberal art degrees don’t fit in the day to day in the workplace.

You have the degree. You have a part-time job to go along with it or maybe a side hustle. The asterisk putting more pressure on you are rejection e-mails, no-call backs, and money.

When you feel that pressure, start putting your energy into special interest. If you’re a novelist, start writing. Transform yourself into a mill of fiction or nonfiction. Create a vault of pages whether they be ideas or stories you wrote just for you. Consider publishing those stories after they’ve fleshed out. The idea is to create something, you may be creating something impactful and lucrative.

Although it’s an expensive hobby, photography is a great skill to add to your arsenal if you haven’t done so already. Learn the basics, watch some YouTube tutorials, and post your best work on a stock image site.

But why do this? Surely, I don’t want you to give up on your aspirations in the pursuit of a great career. Nothing is useless, especially not years of hard work to get a degree. Some of us went into debt to get educated. We went full speed ahead to achieve that goal. While you’re waiting, create the career you want.

For English majors and aspiring writers, I can tell you that freelance writing and editing is the way to go. There’s enough work for everyone. I’ll say to anyone out there stuck in limbo, keep creating and keep trying. It’s not over. The storm of failure and uncertainty won’t last. We will have our time. Press on and be faithful. We will succeed.

Selling eBooks is Harder than it Looks

Big Bad Flash Stories has been out for a month now. I have to say that promoting it and selling it is just as hard as writing it. As I make plans to self-publish a paper version of Big Bad Flash Stories, I struggle to make sales. Marketing a book is hard. I learned that it takes more than just being a good writer to make an impact.

I will admit, my online presence needs work. I’m not on Instagram. My Twitter feed is erratic. Most of all, I rarely post to Black Board. I won’t make any excuses. Instead, I will push myself harder to be a better marketer and better writer. Therefore, I’m considering free and paid promotion tools to push my book to more readers.

But if it were easy, it wouldn’t be worth it, right? Or maybe it is easy, and I haven’t discovered how to market. Perhaps, my views on marketing are unrealistic. It’s only been a month.

So far, I’ve made a few sales. When sales weren’t going well, I offered the book for free. I saw a gradual increase, but I’ve hit a snag. I’ll continue to promote my book, but I need help.

Free Amazon eBook this week!!

Starting this week, Big Bad Flash Stories will be available for free until August 16, 2019.

If you like a little of everything in a fiction collection then you’ll like Big Bad Flash Stories. A recurring character is throughout the collection. He’s showing the reader his carnivorous life through his point of view while throwing some shade at the literary authority.

This is a flash collection, so indulge these clever stories with a meal or wherever you find a slice of time.

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Big Bad Flash Stories is finally here!!!

Hello fellow bloggers and readers. After a long absence, I have finished my first self-published title.

Big Bad Flash Stories is live on Amazon.

This 55-page flash fiction collection details several accounts from our favorite folktale villain, the Big Bad Wolf.

There are several other stories within the collection that serves as an intermission to the wolf’s overall story.

Big Bad Flash Stories covers a multitude of genres with indulgence as a central theme.

This book will be served as an appetizer for what’s to come. Big Bad Flash Stories is just the beginning.

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How to Adjust to Major Changes Coming to Upwork?

Freelancers who frequent Upwork should know that Connects on the free-for-all platform will no longer be free this coming May.

For those who are relatively new to Upwork, Connects are like tokens. Two Connects are used whenever you apply to a job. If Connects are depleted, you’ll have to wait until next month for more Connects.

However, the new changes coming to Upwork this May will charge freelancers 15 cents per Connect. Upwork officials estimate that freelancers will spend about five dollars per month.

To clarify: Starting in May, freelancers won’t receive free Connects every month. Instead, freelancers will have to purchase Connects. It appears that the Connects you haven’t used will remain in tact and will roll over into the next month, giving the freelancer an option to add more Connects to the pool.

Upwork officials reported that this new system will encourage the hiring of more legitimate freelancers.

But will this system work?

Share your thoughts in comment section.

Earning Income as a Writer

One of the most frustrating things I faced after graduating college was finding a job in my field of study. I was not aware of the fluctuating job market, and I definitely wasn’t aware of the mindset surrounding a B.A. in English. The way it was explained to me: Undergrad, liberal art degrees aren’t practical.

I was so offended by that statement when I heard it, but I took it. It was a time where I had to take criticism. Well, that offense pushed me to look harder for a job in writing and editing. The harsh reality is searching for a job doesn’t pay the bills. So, I started freelance writing and editing.

The truth about freelancing is you only earn money according to the amount of work you can get. In the beginning, it’s not much. If you feel like it’s not worth it, don’t do it. There will be other opportunities. Be persistent. Research. Sign up to freelance job boards like Upwork and Fiverr. Increase freelance job search efficiency by combing through CareerBuilder, Indeed, and Monster. Remote and telecommute jobs keep you mobile while you search for a full-time job.

Last and certainly not least, don’t give up! I know it’s maddening. The process takes forever. Letters of denial and no response e-emails enrages you. Hold your composure. Arm it with all your skills, and fire it onto your insecurities.

Writing Campaign of 2019

This is likely the final post of 2018. I have been blogging on and off for the past few months.

I’m sure it’s been tough for most of you as well. Our digital worlds are growing and innovators give us something new every three months. It’s hard to keep up with it.

For writers, these distractions keep our golden ideas buried under a mountain of priorities.

I’ve kept my priorities in check over the past few months. And I admit, I’ve put my writing second. I will do that no longer. I will mine out my ideas and write them all down. I’m going to get my stories on the page and make investments that’ll push my art to the forefront so that you all can enjoy it.

I’ve been in the shadows long enough. So join me in a campaign against writer’s block and doubt. We’re on the road to write with a warring persistence and edit with a hawk’s meticulous eye.