How do you deal with rejection from opportunities?

Since my sudden release from my last contract job, I’ve been hunting for more contracts and full-time job openings across my local area. I’ve also targeted multiple remote positions closely related to what I did at my last job. The result: I managed to get four interviews and about 50 rejections. But that’s okay. I […]


Where have I been?

Hello everyone. I know what you’re thinking: “Elijah, you haven’t posted in almost a year.” I’ve focused on writing fiction and SEO content for the past year. I was working as a freelancer for (360 Quote LLC). I wanted to provide the best quality for their WordPress websites, so I maintained a laser focus […]

Why We Should Address Issues on Race

I’ve leaned away from talking about race in my blog. I may have tagged “African American writer” in some of my posts, but I haven’t explicitly talked about it. But I think this may a good time to use my platform to address #StopAsianHate. If you’re not aware of Stop Asian Hate, it’s been trending […]

Find the Light in Political Tension

We have high hopes for 2021, but it appears that those hopes were shot down by an unprecedented event in the United States. I’m not particularly eager to talk about politics on my blogs anymore. Political views are just as strong as religious debates, and they always lead to bitterness. Motivating the readers and encouraging […]