Update: Foot in the Door

Although there isn’t much traffic here yet, I still want to post an update of my short story collection project also known as Foot in the Door. I’m currently wrapping up the┬ásecond edit of my first story entitled “Beast”. I’ve butchered most of the sentences to focus on clarity and syntax. Not really sure how well it’s written until someone reads it. Of course, I’ve read it; however, I would like many others to read it. Before that happens, I need someone else to butcher my stories like I did after the rough drafts.

Eventually, upon release of Foot in the Door, I’ll try to submit two or three of my stories to a literary journal; particularly, journals in South Carolina.

For now, readers can enjoy samples of my writing at FictionPress.com and FanFiction.net. Just search my username, eeblackwriter.


Black Board reset!!!

Black Board was a BlogSpot page a month ago. It was essential for me to create a professional page away from a celebrity gossip and bias rants. I’m sure I’ll sneak in an opinion or two in this blog. (fingers crossed).

Like before, this blog will feature FictionPress and FanFiction updates, as well as writing project updates. In addition, I want to extend my expertise to those who are interested in a freelance writer. I will insert a contact box later this week so future clients can contact me.

In the meantime, follow me on Twitter: @ProWriterElijah