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Just checked out your website. I’m going to check out her books.

Jade Alyse Writes

Hi All!

I hope you’re staying warm out there. Have you taken a moment to check out my new website yet? It’s fully functional and looks great. Apologies to anyone who had difficulty accessing the website last week. All the kinks should be worked out  now.

You can check out the new website by visiting, http://jadealysewrites.com!

I’ll will be getting rid of this WordPress platform in a couple of months, so please be sure to stay tuned! 

As always, if you have any questions, please email me: jadealysewrites@gmail.com.

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Complementing the writing craft

Writing well is an awesome skill. Combined with another skill, a writer’s current skill becomes more intriguing to employers. For example, if a writer has his or her degree in journalism and has obtained computing skills in publishing software, their chances of getting their career job increases.

College students should do all they can to take courses that will work hand-in-hand with their majors; in addition, it wouldn’t hurt to intern. Even if the internship isn’t a paid gig, give it a shot anyway. As the cliche says, “you have to crawl before you can walk.”

Some have missed the opportunity to intern; however, there is still time to learn. YouTube, Wiki pages, and how-to websites have instructions on just about anything.

Why should career seekers learn more?

  • Increase chances of working in a targeted field of study
  • For writers, ideas will cross over into exploration
  • A great way to strengthen resume
  • Career competition is in their favor
  • Job growth



Freelance Writer Challenge: Creating samples

Those collegiate portfolios are like gold to the college graduate. Unfortunately, some employers aren’t just looking at what you’ve done in college, but they look at your experience. Although a college degree is necessary, job experience is just as important.

For writers, it’s essential to showcase current writing skill (i. e. update the collegiate samples by creating new samples). Find a few prompts online or create one.

A freelance writers have many talents. It may seem strange when a freelance writer has no particular focus. The reason for that is because writers are researchers and editors. So freelancers may showcase samples from various areas such as academic and creative. The only problem for the writer is finding the time. Will power may be there, but some usually forget about time.



Guest Post: Siona Larsen

This inspires me to read more comics now.

The Book Wars

Here at The Book Wars we are constantly on the look out for great content and people who produce great content. One our readers, Siona, is a great fan of comics and so I have invited her to share her views and passion for various comics here. Give her a warm welcome!

Siona and friend (Siona with Kelly Sue DeConnick at Geek Girl Con ’13)

Siona Larsen lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, sister, dog and cat. She spends her days reading (books and comics), writing and playing video games. One day she hopes to work in the comic book industry (either as a writer or an editor) and/or be a published artist. Until then she will enjoy having an opinion about the things she loves and telling the internet about it through the power of freedom of speech.


Getting into comics as a reader can be hard. Multiple titles…

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10 Heartfelt Sentiments for National Grammar Day

The virtue behind editing is diligence. I think this day describes it in detail.

The Snail on the Wall

Today marks an important day for word users and language speakers everywhere. It’s National Grammar Day! There are all kinds of ways to celebrate this special occasion: Proofread an e-mail message before you hit “send.” Show some Facebook friends you care by correcting their grammatical mistakes in the comments section of their posts. Read a grammatical page-turner, like Woe Is I or Eats, Shoots & Leaves. Try your hand at a quick Facebook editing contest hosted by Grammarly, called “Edit This.” Or, for goodness’ sake, just take care to craft a structurally sound sentence with all your commas and apostrophes in the right places.

In honor of the holiday, here are 10 heartfelt sentiments to send to someone you love. Enjoy!







Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: Punctuation is everything. 1. 'Woman, without her man, is nothing.' 2. 'Woman: without her, man is nothing.'MjAxMy1hNzVkYjUzYWVmYjNkNjMw_5196504e1dc4e

In honor of the day, tell us—which grammatical mistake makes your skin crawl?

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How Mental Conditions Choke Progress

As the title suggests, the mental state of mind can slow  progress considerably. It’s easy to say things like “cheer up” or “keep working hard”. Words of encouragement are always helpful, but they are short of nasal spray results. It takes a while for encouragement to sink in. Sometimes a lecture is the seed that needs planting rather than what one wants to hear.

Mental conditions like depression saps away the fertility of the mind. No matter how hard one will push, the dark clouds of depression loom overhead, taking away hope and forcing surrender.

Some writers use the mental conditions to pour out some of the their best work. It’s tears on paper, screams of anger among the words, and recovery in the work itself. Authenticity is displayed throughout. If it isn’t, a good reader will be able to tell.

Even though it’s ideal for writers to express their emotions on paper during tough mental times, it’s not always the case. It’s not giving up if one stops for a little while, it’s just a break to resolve issues.