Complementing the writing craft

Writing well is an awesome skill. Combined with another skill, a writer’s current skill becomes more intriguing to employers. For example, if a writer has his or her degree in journalism and has obtained computing skills in publishing software, their chances of getting their career job increases.

College students should do all they can to take courses that will work hand-in-hand with their majors; in addition, it wouldn’t hurt to intern. Even if the internship isn’t a paid gig, give it a shot anyway. As the cliche says, “you have to crawl before you can walk.”

Some have missed the opportunity to intern; however, there is still time to learn. YouTube, Wiki pages, and how-to websites have instructions on just about anything.

Why should career seekers learn more?

  • Increase chances of working in a targeted field of study
  • For writers, ideas will cross over into exploration
  • A great way to strengthen resume
  • Career competition is in their favor
  • Job growth




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