Writing Courses: Hanif Kureishi sees them as a waste

Hanif Kureishi, author of Buddha of Suburbia, recently told “theguardian” that creative writing courses are “a waste of time.”

Here is the http://www.theguardian.com/books/2014/mar/04/creative-writing-courses-waste-of-time-hanif-kureishi

I responded to a LinkedIn group called Books and Writers…

If writing courses didn’t help, higher education and seminar directors wouldn’t teach them. I think the first part of the article describes a frustrated professor who has placed his students in a master-level pool, which is unfair. Haig may agree as his quote states that Kureishi’s comments were cruel and wrong; however, Kureishi’s comments can be translated as tough love. Hurt feelings can develop into improvement if you let it.

I spent most of my college career writing creative fiction, creative non-fiction, and print journalism news. The only thing that prevented good, enjoyable writing was laziness. I agree with Kureishi’s comment that writing is very slow. Good, concise and fun writing is done when you develop to near perfection, which takes time. Professors do teach this to students, but the students must be willing to read, write, and edit.

As far as having a successful book, I don’t know much about that yet. I’m trying to break into that now. But everyday I contemplate how hard I should push my ideas. Better yet, when should I show them to the reader? To say I’m ready now would be a lie. So I read, listen to advice, or do something to push the craft into enjoyable literature.


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