A Scribe’s Worst Enemies

1) Putting hobbies over reading.  This applies directly to writers who are also gamers. Instead of picking up a book to read, gamers pick up a controller. I know it’s tough especially when the new map packs are available the week we’re supposed to bring something groundbreaking to the page.

2) The tongue lash of Nay Sayers.  There are plenty of these. Like my previous post said, some writers and non-writers see unpublished authors as people wasting their time on a dream that’s not likely to happen. If a writer listens to this poison, it can break his or her spirit.

3) Life Conditions.  Published or not, bills can choke inspiration right out of writer’s heart. Depression. Sadness. Break-ups. Anything in life that stops the fingers from moving to produce content.

4) Over confidence.  Oh yes! Arrogance does three things: it makes a writer look stupid, lazy and unskilled. How? When pride rests on the page, the vain writer may not edit or proofread their work. “I don’t need to edit.” Edit and proofread! Entertain the reader, don’t run them off.

I wanted this list to be longer, but it’s all I could come up with on short notice. Bottom line: A writer’s work is hard. Writing is only half of the work. Editing and proofreading is equally important.


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