Max: A Maximum Ride Novel (Book 5) Review

It’s important to do some research before you pick up a book, which I failed to do last week. Let’s just say I played Russian Roulette of purchasing a book. As many of you may have read, I wanted to do my first book review on Black Board.

And the book of choice is MAX: A Maximum Ride Novel. The novel is the fifth in a series of novels, which I didn’t know until after I bought the book, and I wasn’t going to just let the book collect dust or take it back to Barnes and Noble, so I read it anyhow. Even though, I have not read the previous books, James Patterson eloquently illustrates a character whose grown through emotional and supernatural struggles.

MAX: A Maximum Ride Novel (Book 5)
MAX: A Maximum Ride Novel (Book 5)

Patterson gives his new readers a descriptive welcome. Introducing the characters even though we haven’t read the previous stories was thoughtful. Also, there are notes prompting the reader to read the previous books to get more insight on what Max is describing in the story. I really enjoyed that.

This book seems more character driven. Of course, it should be since its a first-person narrative. The novel breaks from it several times only to show the readers a cut-away from the main character, Max. Don’t be off-put by character development. As I mentioned before, this book is part of series, so some of the main and supportive characters will remain flat.

In addition, I think Patterson has the teenage girl persona down pack. Max is an authentic teen character, impulsive and driven by her feelings most of the time. But these do-first-ask-questions-later responses stems from her experience from the previous books, which you may see once you read it.

Image of Author, James Patterson
Image of Author, James Patterson

The action kept me on the edge of my seat, but I wanted more. No, I wanted some scenes to be unpredictable, especially early on in the story. Patterson does deliver, however, toward the tail end of the novel. The scene before Max develops her gills was cinematic. Kudos to Patterson for describing such a horrific occurrence.

Overall: This novel was great. A few complaints here and there, but still an awesome novel to read. Next time I’ll do my research.


Reading: It makes a writer better

For the past few months, I haven’t been reading much. There’s no excuse. The lack of reading stems from various distractions like NetFlix, gaming, and other engagements that I’ve decided to focus on.

I have since taken a break from two titles I’ve been working on (I will post book covers for these once they’re made).

The book of choice this week is entitled Max, A Maximum Ride Novel authored by James Patterson. Unfortunately, I picked up Book 5 of a series. I should’ve done my research before I picked the book. Nonetheless, I will read it and review it here on Black Board.

Image of Author, James Patterson
Image of Author, James Patterson

So far, I enjoy Patterson’s style. As I read, I see the similarities to anime and manga, which are elements I enjoy in writing and film.

Can’t wait to read more.