Work! Work! Work!

For the last few weeks, I’ve done nothing but work. By work I mean freelance writing. Don’t be deceived, reader. I have yearned for freelance opportunities for a while now. I finally got my break a week and a half ago. They weren’t thousand dollar, jet-flyin’, limousine ridin’ amounts, but they were worth it. I needed the confidence boost, especially since most of my Elance proposals were denied. But I’m getting the hang of it.

Aside from the freelancing, I’ve been developing new ideas. In addition, I’ve made progress in my pursuit in buying ISBNs, which I should have before I self-publish. And I suggest that anyone looking to self-publish should buy ISBNs as well as legal copyright. You don’t want companies or individuals stealing your writing.

For now, I’ll try and stay consistent next year with weekly posts. It’s tough with everyday life. Damn thing keeps me busy, as it should.

Elijah B.