Got Genre?

As I’m building my brand as an indie-author, I write and read in different areas of the fiction world. In the past, I had no clear direction on what to do or what to write.

I began my career in college when I barely read anything, and my writing skills were staunched by lazy habits, parties, and college girls. 

Now, I miss those critical peer reviews. It was the perfect time to mold my skills. Live and learn. To all collegiate writers out there with aspirations to entertain from books or eBooks, appreciate the critiques from professors and course-mates. 

My go-to genre during those collegiate days was fantasy. I didn’t have much knowledge on fantasy. And my ignorance was displayed in less than 4000 words, a short story I called a chapter.

Back then, I didn’t want to write about “black stuff”. Y’know, the stereotypical buffoonery, demonizing Caucasians, and unrealistic religious interpretation. I wanted to do something different. 

Some of my inspiration came from video games, cartoons, TV shows, and some books. It’s a great well to draw from, but the best well was everyday life.

Since I’ve graduated from college, my relationship with reality has fluctuated. Characters, ideas,parallels, and plots were unpredictable. My brain was a mine field. My thoughts were triggers exploding on a word document. 

Within all the notes, outlines, research and short stories; I found my genre, Urban Fantasy.

For past five years, I wrote whatever plot or character came to mind. Most of my expertise was in short stories, so that was the area where I explored the most. 

Recently, I completed an urban themed short story collection. Some stories have fantasy elements, some don’t. 

But readers need more, therefore, I will include a novel and add another short story to the collection. 

Will I indulge in various genres? It may not be wise to some, but yes, I will visit different genres. 

There’s no turnng back! The outlines have collected some digital seniority. They’re old, faithful bullets waiting to be loaded in a story. 

So many ideas. So much to write. 


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