Find the Light in Political Tension

We have high hopes for 2021, but it appears that those hopes were shot down by an unprecedented event in the United States. I’m not particularly eager to talk about politics on my blogs anymore.

Political views are just as strong as religious debates, and they always lead to bitterness.

Motivating the readers and encouraging writers to be the best they can be has been my mission for the last year. However, the terroristic actions that happened in Washington, D.C., on January 6, 2021, can’t be ignored.

These kinds of events bring our anxieties to the forefront. We’re not sure what tomorrow or the next few weeks will look like, and it’s even more concerning when a leader appears to be unhinged in the face of imminent defeat.

So what can we do?

Optimism is the way to go, but it takes a little time to build optimism. It’s like a running start. It takes a few steps before you reach your top speed. But I’ve found that kindness and courtesy can jump-start optimism.

If you find yourself locked into a political dispute, resist the snappy, argumentative words that lash at someone else. It would be best if you traded your contempt for courtesy.

Don’t be baited by personal statements. You’re not weak for turning away from a snarky comment.

On the same token, defend yourself when necessary. Target the point and never the person. Announce it to let the other person know it’s not a personal attack against them.

Stand by kind and logical statements but turn away from mean-spirited dialogue. It only leads to frustration.

However, defend what’s right. Violence is always the wrong answer. It’s the worst way to communicate and produces little to no understanding between two individuals or entities.

There’s a way to disagree and still share a beer after you’ve had a discussion. Most of us want the same thing out of life, but we have different ways of going about it.

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