Book Review: The Big Bad Wolf by James Patterson

While I was at Barnes & Noble a week ago, I skipped over Gone Girl and went straight for another James Patterson novel, The Big Bad Wolf. Again, I didn’t get the first of the Alex Cross series because, well, I didn’t want to. Anyhow, I bought the novel and began reading a week after I bought it.

I’m beginning to see Patterson’s recurring themes: family, parenthood, and career. I appreciate these themes. It kept me invested, bringing me closer to the man that is Alex Cross; however, I can’t say the same for the other characters. In a sense, I didn’t get a character break down in Maximum Ride. Patterson seems to be a plot-driven novelist.

The fast pace chapters made the novel easy to read. Non-stop action is a definite page turner, and Patterson accomplished this very well toward the end of the novel. He sets the reader up pretty well, at least, I felt that way. There are two climaxes here: An emotional one and physically heart racing one.

My score for Mr. Patterson out of a one hundred: 87/100

The Big Bad Wolf is a good read. I admit, there are a lot characters that jump out at the reader only to never return later–some of them, at least. Then again, this is a first person narrative…