Purchasing your own ISBN

As I get closer to publishing my first book, I find more information on what I should and should not do.

Honestly, I was going head first into Amazon publishing option. I did more research, and if I really want to indulge in selling books then owning my ISBN is essential.

And here’s why…

Publishing through Amazon will allow me to make money, which I’m all for; however, the free ISBN (or ASIN) Amazon will only work for Amazon. Also, retailers and book clubs that want my book as a hard copy (paperback) may contact my online publisher (Amazon) instead of me, which won’t go well because the ISBN (ASIN) is for the digital copy only. There isn’t much control there.

But if I have my own ISBN, I can sell my book on Amazon as a book published under my own name/company.

When my book becomes more popular, the demand will be high. Then I’ll have to purchase a bar code, which will allow me to sell to retailers and online.

I may have got myself into something here. The road to become an established writer is a long one…


Update: Foot in the Door

Although there isn’t much traffic here yet, I still want to post an update of my short story collection project also known as Foot in the Door. I’m currently wrapping up the┬ásecond edit of my first story entitled “Beast”. I’ve butchered most of the sentences to focus on clarity and syntax. Not really sure how well it’s written until someone reads it. Of course, I’ve read it; however, I would like many others to read it. Before that happens, I need someone else to butcher my stories like I did after the rough drafts.

Eventually, upon release of Foot in the Door, I’ll try to submit two or three of my stories to a literary journal; particularly, journals in South Carolina.

For now, readers can enjoy samples of my writing at FictionPress.com and FanFiction.net. Just search my username, eeblackwriter.