Using FictionPress for Exposure

Writing fiction is my passion. It’s the one thing, I wish I could do full-time, but work and bills are two babies that won’t let me get any rest.

Every day, I have this grand idea, which I never write down. When I finally get time to write it, I get distracted with gaming or TV. Procrastination is such an ass.

In between writing projects and two jobs, I get inspired to write stories on FictionPress. If you’re not familiar with FictionPress, check it out here.

FictionPress is a neat website where writers can post their literary work. Its totally free to read each story. Criticism is welcomed by some. And prepare yourself, some of the writing is bad. Trial and error, I suppose.

I have not written any stories over 1000 words, I think. I want to reserve those extensive stories for publication.

If you’re interested in reading or posting stories visit FictionPress.

To read some of my original flash stories visit my FictionPress profile page.

Also, for those that enjoy soliloquies, a YouTube video reading of my horror flash story, “Seaside Hunger”, is located here.


Black Board reset!!!

Black Board was a BlogSpot page a month ago. It was essential for me to create a professional page away from a celebrity gossip and bias rants. I’m sure I’ll sneak in an opinion or two in this blog. (fingers crossed).

Like before, this blog will feature FictionPress and FanFiction updates, as well as writing project updates. In addition, I want to extend my expertise to those who are interested in a freelance writer. I will insert a contact box later this week so future clients can contact me.

In the meantime, follow me on Twitter: @ProWriterElijah