Reading: It makes a writer better

For the past few months, I haven’t been reading much. There’s no excuse. The lack of reading stems from various distractions like NetFlix, gaming, and other engagements that I’ve decided to focus on.

I have since taken a break from two titles I’ve been working on (I will post book covers for these once they’re made).

The book of choice this week is entitled Max, A Maximum Ride Novel authored by James Patterson. Unfortunately, I picked up Book 5 of a series. I should’ve done my research before I picked the book. Nonetheless, I will read it and review it here on Black Board.

Image of Author, James Patterson
Image of Author, James Patterson

So far, I enjoy Patterson’s style. As I read, I see the similarities to anime and manga, which are elements I enjoy in writing and film.

Can’t wait to read more.