Minimize Negativity on Social Media Profiles

Social media is an awesome tool. It’s an efficient promoting entity that has a lot of benefits and a lot of drawbacks.

Although social media has been around for many years, there are those who still fall prey to its negative effects.

It’s gotten so bad that businesses have been shut down, people have been fired, while others have been expelled from schools.

What causes such an event? And how does a person avoid these drawbacks from social media?

Create More Than One Social Media Account

Many professionals create two or more social media accounts. One is for professional use while the other is for personal use.

To keep a personal social media account private, restrict who can see the page in the account settings. Also, change the name of the personal page to a nickname or a creative name that doesn’t clearly identify the profile owner.

It can be hard to manage, but it’s necessary.

Stay Away from Politics

Lately, politics have created a wedge between friends and businesses. To avoid negativity, don’t bother posting anything related to it.

Politics are emotionally charged. Debates can get personal. Comments or responses can be taken out of context, which can hurt the reputation of an individual, a brand, or a business.

Remain objective. Better yet, don’t respond at all.

Never Post Frustrations about any Employer

Many people have lost their jobs because of frustrations that come with their job.

Never post anything negative in regards to work, not even on personal social media accounts. Information gets around fast. The second its posted, the user loses control of it.

Is there a Way to Prevent Negativity from my Social Media page(s)?

The short answer is no.

Social media is part of the internet. A barrage of opinions, debates, facts, and all manner of information floods the timeline for each account holder. Negative press is going to come up.

If there is something on the social media that offends the profile user, simply block it from showing up ever again. When another page or user pops up, block those too.

The mission is to not be tempted to engage negative energy.