How Mental Conditions Choke Progress

As the title suggests, the mental state of mind can slow  progress considerably. It’s easy to say things like “cheer up” or “keep working hard”. Words of encouragement are always helpful, but they are short of nasal spray results. It takes a while for encouragement to sink in. Sometimes a lecture is the seed that needs planting rather than what one wants to hear.

Mental conditions like depression saps away the fertility of the mind. No matter how hard one will push, the dark clouds of depression loom overhead, taking away hope and forcing surrender.

Some writers use the mental conditions to pour out some of the their best work. It’s tears on paper, screams of anger among the words, and recovery in the work itself. Authenticity is displayed throughout. If it isn’t, a good reader will be able to tell.

Even though it’s ideal for writers to express their emotions on paper during tough mental times, it’s not always the case. It’s not giving up if one stops for a little while, it’s just a break to resolve issues.