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Elance: The Battle Royal of the Self-Employed

The other day, I was so frustrated with the lack of writing and editing jobs in my area. I searched through job board advanced searches and got nothing. I should be accustomed to the disappointment by now.

I did something I didn’t think I would ever have to do. Actually, it’s something I didn’t want to do.

I joined Elance. I’ll admit that I had the wrong idea about Elance–I really should have joined sooner.

As soon as I entered, I saw the intimidating list of names competing for jobs I knew I could do. The problem is that Elance clients don’t know my skills, so I have to present my expertise in a fashion that screams “I am that guy!” And the competitor is doing the same. After a while you get a barrage of service sellers, wrestling over the job ad with words, prices, and experience.

The newcomers are thrown over the ropes, while the veterans tackle the client in the ratings and number of jobs completed. Unfortunately, I’m in the newcomer group. I have the motivation and skill; however, clients tend to favor the all-stars.

I won’t give up! I’ll keep submitting proposals!

Freelance Writer Challenge: Creating samples

Those collegiate portfolios are like gold to the college graduate. Unfortunately, some employers aren’t just looking at what you’ve done in college, but they look at your experience. Although a college degree is necessary, job experience is just as important.

For writers, it’s essential to showcase current writing skill (i. e. update the collegiate samples by creating new samples). Find a few prompts online or create one.

A freelance writers have many talents. It may seem strange when a freelance writer has no particular focus. The reason for that is because writers are researchers and editors. So freelancers may showcase samples from various areas such as academic and creative. The only problem for the writer is finding the time. Will power may be there, but some usually forget about time.